2nd International Symposium on Semantic Mining in Biomedicine (April 9th-12th 2006)

organised by the EU Network of Excellence Semantic Mining

and the

Jena University Language & Information Engineeing (JULIE) Lab

Ananiadou, S. & McNaught, J. (eds)

Text Mining for Biology and Biomedicine
ISBN 1-58053-984-X
Available January 2006
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  Artech House Publishers, Norwood MA
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30th August 2005, Geneva, Switzerland


Special Issue:  Named Entity Recognition in Biomedicine
Journal of Biomedical Informatics, Volume 37, Issue 6, Pages 393-528 (December 2004)
Edited by S. Ananiadou, C. Friedman and J. Tsujii


Article on the National Centre for Text Mining in Ariadne

Dr Sophia Ananiadou is leading the British team of scientists on Knowledge Mining from Biology Texts

Daiwa Adrian Prizes are triennial awards that recognise significant scientific collaboration between British and Japanese research teams.



Invited talks (2005)

e-Biology Initiative: Towards New Frontiers of Biology