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  • Natural Language for Web Information-Intensive Services
    • Semantic information retrieval
    • Semantic Web
    • Semi-structured models and associated languages
    • Web usage, content and structure mining for discovering semantics
    • Concept taxonomies and web mining
    • Learning taxonomies and ontologies from the web
    • Information extraction with machine learning
    • Document classification and indexation


  • Natural Language in Conceptual Modelling
    • Analysis of natural language descriptions
    • Requirement engineering
    • Terminological ontologies
    • Paraphrasing
    • Dynamic modelling
    • Verification, consistency checking
    • Metadata harvesting


  • Natural Language Interfaces for Data Base Querying/Retrieval
    • Natural languages interfaces for database querying
    • Verification of database queries by paraphrasing
    • Semantic analysis for information retrieval
    • NL interaction with databases


  • Natural-Language-Based Integration of Systems
    • Linguistic aspects of view integration
    • Linguistic aspects of data warehouses
    • Natural language queries to multi-databases systems
    • Data integration and data cleansing
    • Ontology driven integration
    • Ontology management


  • Large-Scale Online Linguistic Resources
    • Electronic dictionaries
    • Question-answer corpora
    • Informal ontologies
    • Linguistic databases
    • Digital libraries


  • Applications of Computational Linguistics in Information Systems
    • Multilingual information systems
    • NLP in requirements engineering
    • NLP in knowledge management
    • Ontology-driven NLP
    • Semiotics and fundamentals


  • Management of Textual Databases
    • Text classification
    • Information extraction and detection
    • Text mining for creating metadata
    • Document management
    • Hypertext and Hyperbases

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