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Date added: Jan 04, 2010

Salford Materials & Physics Research - click to enlarge

New Materials & Physics Research Centre

From January 2010, research across the University of Salford will be coordinated through a series of new Research Centres. Our physics research will be undertaken within the new Materials & Physics Research Centre, which will bring together collaborating physicists, mathematics, biologists and chemists to solve real world technological problems.

With around 100 researchers, our new Centre will be exceptionally well-placed to make significant contributions to future scientific advances.

Physics at Salford has already established an international reputation for materials research excellence - we are also officially acknowledged as making world-leading contributions.

A particular Salford specialism resides in solving applied and theoretical problems in emerging technologies related to novel materials and their wide range of potential applications.

This further Integration of Materials Research expertise is expected to strengthen further our overall national and global position. More details are available at the new Materials & Physics Research Centre Website.

Materials & Physics Research Centre Website

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