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Joule Physics Laboratory    
Salford Physics, Careers Outreach

Careers with Physics

Activity Coordinators:

Dr Natasha Lucas Helen Brown

Activity Type: Interactive Presentation
Max No. of Participants: 35
Typical On-site Location: Physics Foundation Laboratory (Newton 172) or Physics Student Common Room (Newton 177)
Duration: 30 min to 40 min
Year Group: 10 to 12

Activity Description

So, what is a Physicist? What do people who get physics degrees do? Why haven't I seen a job advert for a physicist? The answers to these questions, and general advice on the range of physics and related degrees available, are presented through an interactive talk. Depending on the age group and the requirements of the students, this talk can be adapted to include a greater emphasis on choosing a University Course and the UCAS process.

For more information, or to enquire about visiting the Joule Physics Laboratory at Salford University, please see our Outreach Contact Information.


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