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Complexity: the Physics of Everything

Activity Coordinators:

Dr Graham McDonald Dr James Christian

Activity Type: Talk and Hands-on Activity
Max No. of Participants: 15
Typical On-site Location: Physics Main Teaching Lab (Newton 171), then Physics Optics Lab (Newton 175)
Duration: 25 min to 50 min
Year Group: 10 to 12

Activity Description

By 'Everything' we mean: from clouds to lasers, to fluids, to life itself! A talk on the emerging new scientific field of 'Complexity' is followed by a hands-on session involving video feedback. Here, the students can get direct experience of the potential power and dazzling complexity arising from simple feedback mechanisms. This fascinating exploration of the consequences of optical feedback has much wider implications regarding some of the great physics challenges of the New Millennium, namely: how we can understand, predict and control the complex global systems that we now inhabit?

Further Information

See Dr Graham McDonald's YouTube discussion of Complexity: the Physics of Everything.

For more information, or to enquire about visiting the Joule Physics Laboratory at Salford University, please see our Outreach Contact Information.


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