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Physics Student Projects, Salford University Salford Physics Project Demos

Student Project Demos

Activity Coordinators:

Jay Smith Prof Jaap van den Berg Dr Richard Pilkington

Activity Type: Demonstrations and Discussions
Max No. of Participants: 20
Typical On-site Location: Main Physics Teaching Lab (Newton 171)
Duration: 20 min to 40 min
Year Group: 10 to 12

Activity Description

Project activity is often one of the favourite topics of undergraduate Physics Students. During this session, there will be demonstrations of some of the past and current projects undertaken by Physics Students at Salford University. There will be opportunity to answer questions regarding each project, and to discuss informally with current students what studying Physics at University and Student Life are really like.

For more information, or to enquire about visiting the Joule Physics Laboratory at Salford University, please see our Outreach Contact Information.


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