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Joule Physics Laboratory    
Salford Physics, History of Science Salford University, Science History Outreach

History of Science

Activity Coordinators:

Dr Richard Pilkington Stuart Astin

Activity Type: Talk and Hands-on Demonstrations
Max No. of Participants: 15
Typical On-site Location: Physics Vacuum Technology Lab (Newton 174)
Duration: 20 min to 40 min
Year Group: 10 to 12

Activity Description

This activity is interactive and tutor-led. It focuses on key historical developments in Science, and their impact in the modern world. See and try out some of the equipment, used by the pioneers of science, that led to the technologies that we take for granted everyday.

For more information, or to enquire about visiting the Joule Physics Laboratory at Salford University, please see our Outreach Contact Information.


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