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Joule Physics Laboratory    
Atomic Collisions Physics Research

Atomic Collisions & Ion-Beam Physics

Key Personnel  JA van den Berg, SE Donnelly and DG Armour

Research & Teaching Staff  JA Hinks

Research Staff  GC Carter, MA Reading and DJ Riley

Research Students  KJ Abrams, G Greaves, M Ijaz, C Pawley and AC Wooding

Ion Beam and Microscope at Salford Physics - click to enlarge

Further information

JA van den Berg (Research Pages)
SE Donnelly (Research Pages, Website)
DG Armour (Research Pages)

Ion Scattering in Silicon Medium Energy Ion Scattering Analysis of Disorder in Silicon Video [wmv, 11.7Mb]

IMR - Integration of Materials Research in the Materials & Physics Research Centre
          Materials & Physics Research Centre


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