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Joule Physics Laboratory    
Materials Characterisation and Modelling

Materials Characterisation & Modelling

Key Personnel  I Morrison, SH Kilcoyne, DK Ross, DJ Bull, DL Roach, SE Donnelly and WA Oates

Research Staff  D Moser and IL Shabalin

Visiting Staff   M Abyaneh and M Ricci

Research Students  S Ahmad, AM Bailey, G Baldisson, SJ Bakowski, PF Halkyard, S Jawahar, RMA Khalil, MA Khan, Z Mileeva, RD Moorehead, LM Simmons and D Wilkinson

Atomistic Materials Modelling

Morrison, Ross, Bull, Roach and Oates

First principles atomistic modelling is employed in the prediction of material properties. Simulations of structure and dynamics are used to understand and to design materials with optimal properties.

Structural Analysis and Material Properties

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Kilcoyne, Donnelly, Bull, Roach and Ross

Further information

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IMR - Integration of Materials Research in the Materials & Physics Research Centre
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