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Joule Physics Laboratory    
Chemical Physics & Biophysics

Chemical Physics & Biophysics

Key Personnel  DW Sheel, HM Yates, NM Boag, R Hughes, CA Faunce and AJ Barnes

Research Staff  P Evans, JL Hodgkinson and JE Lewis

Visiting Staff  RD Arnell, A Dyer, MB Huglin, HH Paradies, E Wyn-Jones and W Xue

Research Students  SC Atkinson, I Cook, AJ Guest, DL Massey, NP Platt, M Thomson and P Youngson

Further information

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HM Yates (Research Pages)
NM Boag (Research Pages)
R Hughes (Research Pages)
CA Faunce (Research Pages)
AJ Barnes (Research Pages)

IMR - Integration of Materials Research in the Materials & Physics Research Centre
          Materials & Physics Research Centre


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