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Joule Physics Laboratory    
Photonics and Complexity

Photonics & Complexity

Key Personnel  GS McDonald, RD Pilkington, JM Christian, AD Boardman, EA Chadwick, KJ Sandiford, AE Hill, HM Yates and JS Cowpe

Research & Teaching Staff  S Astin and G Rowsell

Research Staff  YG Rapoport

Visiting Staff  M Abyaneh, P Chamorro-Posada, M Jin, W Lawson and RJ Potton

Research Students  RAH El-Mazuzi, A Kapoulas, HM Khan, RC Mitchell-Thomas, CS Rose and K Sreejith

Complexity & Nonlinear Science

McDonald, Christian, Boardman, Chadwick and Sandiford

Our research includes discovery and analyses of new phenomena involving linear and nonlinear wave propagation. Work draws on general ('universal') concepts such as fractals, spatiotemporal solitons, vortices, patterns and chaos.

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Photonics Theory

Drug Design and Spiral Laser Beams at Physics Salford

McDonald, Christian, Boardman and Yates

Nonlinear effects (such as Raman, magneto-optical, surface wave, metamaterial, and band gap effects) are exploited in diverse contexts (for example: laser and device designs, waveguides, medical physics and optical fibres).

Applied Photonics

Pilkington, Yates, Cowpe and Hill

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Further information

Fractal Lasers at Physics Salford

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AD Boardman (Research Pages)
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KJ Sandiford (Research Pages, Group Website)
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Solitons Research - Physics at Salford University Fractal Formation Research - Physics at Salford University








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