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Academic Year Calendars

•    Calendar 2015/2016    |    Previous Year Calendar
      Future Calendars

Get Ready

•    Get Ready Website    |    Before You Arrive    |    International Get Ready
      Get Going    |    Life At Salford


Important detailed information:

•    University Registration Overview   :    UK & EU Students    |    International Students
      Registration Portal

Physics at Salford, Schedules - click to enlarge

Returning Undergraduate Students

•    Physics Society Involvement in Induction Week

Key Links:
    (a) Register with the Students' Union
    (b) Join the UoSSU Physics group
    (c) Find the SUPS Facebook page
    (d) Online University Registration

Induction Week Physics Dept Sessions

Wednesday 23 Sept 2015

• New to 2nd Year (or was in 1st year resits):
      11:30am-12:30pm, FY Lab, Newton Room 172

• New to 3rd Year [Project information & Deadlines]:
      12:30pm-1:30pm, FY Lab, Newton Room 172

• New to 4th Year [Project information & Deadlines]:
      1:30pm-2:00pm, FY Lab, Newton Room 172

• Q&A with Current Students:
      2:45pm-3:00pm, Newton B2
• Physics Society Social Event:
      3:00pm onwards, Newton 233

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Welcome & Induction Weeks

Welcome Weeks for EU and International Students start Monday 7 September 2015 and include a programme of orientational activities. Welcome Week 2 (starting Monday 14 September) presents an opportunity for International students to register with the University. You can also book an Airport Welcome & Taxi Transfer

Induction Week starts at 9am on Monday 21 September 2015 in Room 233 on the second floor of the Newton Building (location of the Newton Building). If you are unsure where this room is, then please follow the signs to the School Reception (which is on the first floor of the Newton Building). Reception staff can help you to find your way

Physics Induction Week Events

• Nearly all Physics Induction Week Events are compulsory

      Physics Induction Week Events 2015 Outline Timetable - click to download pdf
      New Students: Physics Induction Week 2015 Outline Timetable
      Induction Week Details for Physics Staff    |    Induction Week Student FAQs
      Students' Union Induction Video    |    Library Induction Video
       1st Year Advice - Induction Presentation (to appear)    |    Institute of Physics Talk (2014)
      Skills for Learning Resources

The following University and Union Events are optional

University of Salford Welcome Events    |    Welcome Events Flier

Students' Union Welcome Page    |    Students' Union Events

Salford University Campus Walkway  Salford University Campus Parkland

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  2015/2016   Physics Timetables:   Semester One   |   Semester Two

                         P-F1   |    PAP-F1   |    PAT-F1   |    P-F2   |    PAT-F2   |    P-F3   |    PAT-F3   |    P-F4

  2015/2016   Official Timetables   |   Guide to Timetables   |   Staff Timetables

  2015/2016   Course Providers & Lecturers   |   Official Campus Map


                                                                             Key Buildings in Peel Campus (click map to enlarge)
  Salford University Buildings - click to enlarge







  2015/2016   First Year Assessment:   Semester One   |   Semester Two


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Semester 1 (Jan 15) + Tests
Semester 2 (May 15)
Resit Exams (Aug/Sept 15)

Exam Results. Prior to results letters being sent, second semester exam results appear within your Student Self Service Account. The username for this is your student id number (starting with @). The password is the PIN number that appeared on your original registration letter. For forgotten passwords, email Early notification of unratified results should appear on Blackboard before this.

If You Miss an Exam. Please note the University's PMC Student Guidance.

Exam Results Transcripts. Unofficial results transcripts and information on money paid to the University also appear within your Student Self Service Account. For official transcripts, try contacting ug records - for example, see p96 of the University Units Directory.


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