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Andy Glover

Andy Glover from Salford Physics

I currently work in the field of Radiation protection, for 5 years working in the Shielding assessment section of BNFL (now Sellafield ltd) using monte carlo and point kernel codes to simulate the effects of shielding on radioactive sources, and more recently working for Nuvia Ltd at Windscale as a Health Physicist, part of the Approved Dosimetry Service for National Nuclear Laboratory facility on site and radiation protection training courses.

The Physics with Space Technology course from Salford University was very interesting and inspiring.

As well as giving a common grounding in physics – from Electrodynamics, and Optics, to Nuclear Physics – it also presented them in the practical and interesting light of space applications (Newtonian orbits and communications satellites, for example).

For my Final Year Project, I was able to investigate the feasilbilty of an Electromagnetic Launcher for Space Applications – constructing a launcher which could fire projectiles succesfully using capacitors discharging through electromagnetic coils. Unfortunately, I don't use this in my current role of Radiation Protection at Windscale – though the principles learnt throughout the course are put to daily use.


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