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Ken Stevens

Ken Stevens from Salford Physics

I was a mature student in Salford's Physics Department. I came into the Foundation Year. It's tough, presumably it's tougher being a mature student as the last time I had been at school was a long time ago … but the difference is that mature students are there because they want to be there – having worked and knowing what the outside world is like.

Salford is actually a city-sized university but it's outside of the city … which means you've got the diversity of a campus that you would normally find in a city university but you've got, as it were, the countryside around the campus itself which makes it an ideal place.

I met somebody who went to a large southern university and they found out, when they went to a lecture, that there were 200-300 people in each lecture. The good thing about this course is that groups of 50-60 are as large as they get in first year. When you get to the second year, by the time you start to diversify a little, the group size goes down to about 40 in a class, sometimes 20 and sometimes even less than that, so that's much better as well … you get a much better interaction between yourself and the lecturers.

All in all, Salford is probably a really good decision if you're looking for a university.


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