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Mark Gormley from Salford Physics

Mark Gormley

Choosing Salford Physics and Arrival

I wanted to study a particular degree course unavailable in Ireland. I found out about the University of Salford, via the internet and the UCAS handbook. When I attended for interview, I was very impressed with the Physics Department. I was offered the Joule Scholarship, having achieved certain results in my Leaving Certificate. Moving from a small west of Ireland town to Manchester / Salford, was something of a culture shock. I wasn't that daunted and made some great friends, whom I am still in contact with.

At Salford and Work Placement

I really enjoyed the course and had the opportunity to work in the laser lab with some brilliant people. The opportunities arose to study in the USA or take a year in industry. I took the year in industry and worked on an IT Project with the Fire Service.

At Salford, I learned to cook! I also matured as a person, gaining a lot in self-confidence and becoming aware of the many different cultures on campus. In my spare time, I got involved with indoor football and was a founder member of the University's Irish society.

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Employment after Graduating

After graduating, I worked as a Fibre Optic Test Engineer with a small start-up company in my home town and then moved to Dublin, where I got a job with IBM as a Test Engineer. My degree was important in both instances as I was using Lasers all the time. My passion is flying and I qualified as a Commercial Pilot in October 2001. The technical aspects of physics are relevant to flying.

Top Tip

I would say "don't be afraid" to any international student considering Salford, who may be undecided or a bit daunted about moving to a large city. The University is run by a dedicated team of people who put students' welfare at the forefront of their working lives. The Academic Staff are fantastic, and the friends you will make will remain so for the rest of your life.


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