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Phil Edmondson from Salford Physics

Student Profile

Phil D Edmondson

JEOL JSM-5910 with focussed ion beam at Salford Physics

Phil Edmondson studied for his PhD in Salford Physics under the supervision of Prof S E Donnelly – completing a thesis entitled "An in-situ TEM study of the formation and annealing of damage resulting from single ion impacts in crystalline silicon". During completion of his thesis, Phil spent an extended period working at Argonne National Laboratory, USA. While at Argonne, Phil specialised in in-situ TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy) experiments, namely ion irradiation of silicon.


Phil is currently working as a post-doc on a European-funded project to fabricate a nano-scale, ultra-bright Scanning-Electron-Microscope-on-a-chip using a Focussed Ion Beam as the fabricating tool.

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