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Zara Dennis

Zara Dennis from Salford Physics - click to enlarge

Zara Dennis from Salford Physics, Lasers Employment - click to enlarge


Without having studied A level Maths, to undertake a Physics degree would have been near impossible. The foundation year offered by Salford however made this achievable and the doors subsequently opened up for me. I haven't been disappointed.

I graduated in June 2006 from Salford, with 1st Class Honours (and highest percentage final mark in my year) in BSc Physics with Space Technology. Following this I was employed as a Laser Engineer at Laser Quantum for 18 months before I chose to further advance my academic development by moving to Australia to embark on a PhD.

Zara Dennis from Salford Physics, Geophysics on Location - click to enlarge


My exceptional undergrad results from Salford helped to secure a post graduate scholarship and I am currently (as of early 2011) finishing up my PhD in Geophysics at Monash University in Melbourne.

My research area encompasses electromagnetic mapping of the Earth's crust, using Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) and Magnetotelluric (MT) methods to delineate deep buried structure that correlates with hidden gold deposits in north Victoria.


So, to summarise, the Salford Physics foundation year gave me a second chance to put right my high school mistake of not studying A level Maths.

Zara Dennis, Graduate from Salford Physics - click to enlarge

I have had excellent industrial experience working with cutting edge technology on a daily basis and I presently live down under.

Engaging in a PhD has involved both first rate research as well as the opportunity to apply Physics practically - carrying out field work and collecting data in various locations across rural Australia.

Zara's Publications (as of Feb 2011)


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