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Salford Physics PhD Student Mike Reading

Physics PhD Student Mike Reading

Profiles of Physics Students

Find out what our students say about student life and studying at the Joule Physics Laboratory. In the following, many students also discuss work placement and what they did after graduating from Physics.

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Main Student Profiles

Helen Brown from Salford Physics " Salford is in a great location as far as outdoor sports are concerned with the Peak District and the Lake District "


Helen Brown Profile
Zara Dennis from Salford Physics " I haven't been disappointed "


Zara Dennis Profile
John Evans from Salford Physics John has recently made a short 'Day in a Life' video that is posted on YouTube


John Evans Profile

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Andy Glover from Salford Physics " The Physics with Space Technology course from Salford University was very interesting and inspiring "


Andy Glover Profile
Anthony Haynes from Salford Physics During his year out in industry, Anthony worked for the Defence Evaluation Research Agency on design aspects of Nuclear Submarines


Anthony Haynes Profile
Jane Mefo from Salford Physics " it was brilliant coming up North – where people are friendlier and it's cheaper! "


Jane Mefo Profile

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Andrew Prideaux from Salford Physics Andrew is now employed in Secondary School Teaching


Andrew Prideaux Profile
Helen Ramsdale from Salford Physics " The Physics Department is really good and gave me all the support I needed "


Helen Ramsdale Profile
Rachel Robson from Salford Physics Rachel's career story gives a glimpse of one of many possible paths after graduating with a degree in Physics


Rachel Robson Profile

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Claire Rocks from Salford Physics " Get involved with lots of things in the Department – lots of doors open to you at University "


Claire Rocks Profile
Ken Stevens from Salford Physics " The good thing about this course is that you get a much better interaction between yourself and the lecturers. All in all, Salford is probably a really good decision if you're looking for a university "


Ken Stevens Profile
Deanna Wright from Salford Physics " The Physics Department is quite modern compared to other places that I visited "


Deanna Wright Profile

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Overseas Physics Students

Karo Jallow from Salford Physics " The Physics staff here at Salford University are wonderful, very welcoming and helpful "


Karo Jallow Profile
Mark Gormley from Salford Physics " The University is run by a dedicated team of people who put students' welfare at the forefront of their working lives. The Academic Staff are fantastic and the friends you will make will remain so for the rest of your life "


Mark Gormley Profile

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Postgraduate Physics Students

Phil Edmondson from Salford Physics Our International Research can open up opportunities for extended Work Periods Abroad when studying for a PhD


Phil Edmondson Profile
Amy Gandy from Salford Physics After her PhD, Amy plans to continue research and also to teach


Amy Gandy Video Profile

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Graeme Greaves from Salford Physics While working on his PhD in Salford, Graeme also collaborates with researchers at the Oxford Earth Sciences Department


Graeme Greaves Profile
Nigel Mellors from Salford Physics After completion of his PhD, Nigel now commands a senior position in Business and Research at the University


Nigel Mellors Profile

IMR - Integration of Materials Research in the Materials & Physics Research Centre
Materials & Physics Research Centre


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More Students


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