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Salford University Physics Society (SUPS)

We welcome your Membership. You can join by contacting one of the Committe Members.


All Members contribute to the various tasks coordinated by each Committee Member – upon their request or the President's request. Please feel free to contact anyone below with matters that may concern them, or contact the President.

Emylie Periot-McCann - click to enlarge
Co-President – Emylie Periot-McCann

Zach Peters - click to enlarge
External Relations Officer – Zach Peters

Steffan Jenkinson - click to enlarge
IT Officer – Steffan Jenkinson


Jack Davies - click to enlarge
Food Officer – Jack Davies

Craig Grieve - click to enlarge
North America Officer – Craig Grieve

Deborah Rawlings - click to enlarge
Glamour Officer – Deborah Rawlings

Blair Lavelle - click to enlarge
General Member – Blair Lavelle

Malik Hakeem - click to enlarge
General Member – Malik Hakeem

Alex Marshall - click to enlarge
Co-President – Alex Marshall

Robert Wiseman - click to enlarge
Treasurer – Robert Wiseman

George Staley - click to enlarge
Social Secretary – George Staley

Nathan Winward - click to enlarge
Drinks Officer – Nathan Winward

Davind Cantiah - click to enlarge
Sports Officer – Davind Cantiah

Hamzah Nazir - click to enlarge
Publicity Officer – Hamzah Nazir

Tristan Tinsley - click to enlarge
General Member – Tristan Tinsley

Luke Walton - click to enlarge
General Member – Luke Walton