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Salford University Physics Society (SUPS)



Feel free to contact Committee Members by email


Academic Contact

Salford University Physics Society is run entirely by Physics students. But, if you wish to contact a member of Academic Staff in relation to Society matters, then contact:

Dr Graham S McDonald
  Dr Graham S McDonald
  Email: g.s.mcdonald 'at'

By Post

For secure postal deliveries, you may use the following address:

Salford University Physics Society
c/o Dr Graham S McDonald
Joule Physics Laboratory
Newton Building
School of Computing, Science & Engineering
University of Salford
Greater Manchester M5 4WT


Physics Location - Campus Map

Physics and Salford University - Campus Map. Click for a larger version - A4 for printing.


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Larger Version of Campus Map


Physics Location - England & Manchester

Salford University - Location in UK Map Physics and Salford University - In relation to Manchester City Centre. Click for a larger version.











Larger Version of University - Manchester City Centre Map


More Directions


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