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Physics Students & Salford University Physics Society


Welcome to the Salford University Physics Society (SUPS)

Tony Heyes, Founder of SUPS

 The Salford University Physics Society has a long history. The Society was actually founded by Tony Heyes (shown left) – who was awarded his BSc in Physics from Salford in 1963 !

We are a constantly evolving group, coordinated
through a Committee composed solely of current Salford Physics Students.

Our aim is to promote the learning of Physics through additional channels that supplement the formal University degree programmes. For example, we arrange trips to institutions, talks by folk in industry, and conference visits, and we strive to create a strong social network that is inclusive of all the individual year groups of physics students.

We don't overlook what many physics students enjoy most about their student life, so we also organise regular parties and encourage collaborations with other University Societies.

Just as important, we provide an informal network of support (to new and old students alike), and act as an effective conduit for engagement with the academic staff.

Please feel free to look around, to see what's going on at the moment.

Alex Marshall - Salford University Physics Society President
Alex Marshall
Salford University Physics Society President


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