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Civil Engineers secure £650,000 EPSRC grant

Published: Tuesday, 05 October 2010
Dr Gareth Swift and Professor Clive Melbourne from the Civil Engineering Research Group have been awarded over £650,000 from the EPSRC for a research project entitled 'Ultimate and permissible limit state behavior of soil-filled masonry arch bridges'. This is part of a larger £1.1million collaborative project with the University of Sheffield, and represents a significant stage in the further development of research within the group, following on from the recent award for Dr Prasad Tumula (EPSRC DTA) and expansion of the group to include Professor Miklas Scholz from the University of Edinburgh. The project will examine the interaction of the arch with the soil backfill under 'real world' loading conditions using large and small scale physical models and advanced numerical tools. For further information please contact either Dr Swift or Prof Melbourne.

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