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Recent Publications

R C Birtcher and S E Donnelly. "Plastic flow induced by single ion impacts on gold". Phys. Rev. Letters 77 21 (1996) 4374.

S E Donnelly and R C Birtcher. "Heavy ion cratering of gold". Phys Rev B56 (1997) 13599-13602.

S E Donnelly and R C Birtcher, "Ion-induced spike effects on metal surfaces", Phil. Mag. 79 1 (1999) 133-145.

C W Allen, R C Birtcher, S E Donnelly, K Furuya, N Ishikawa and M Song. Migration and coalesecence of Xe nanoprecipitates in Al induced by electron irradiation. Appl. Phys. Letters 74 (18) (1999) 2611&endash;2613.

R C Birtcher, S E Donnelly, M Song, K Furuya, K Mitsuishi and C W Allen. "Behavior of Crystalline Xe Nanoprecipitates during Coalescence", Phys. Rev. Letters 83 8 (1999) 1617.

S E Donnelly, R C Birtcher, C W Allen, I Morrison K Furuya, M Song, K Mitsuishi and U Dahmen, Ordering in a Fluid Inert Gas Confined by Flat Surfaces. Science 296 (2002) 507-510.

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