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A Welcome from Prof. Steve Donnelly

We are proud to welcome you to the Salford University Microscopy Centre! Within these pages you will find everything related to the electron microscopes that are available for use within the microscopy centre. Our inventory includes transmission electron microscopes (TEMs), scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), a focussed ion beam (FIB) system that may be used for TEM sample preparation or nanoengineering, a fully equipped specimen preparation laboratory, and state-of-the-art computer packages for both TEM image simulation and beam optics simulation.

With a wealth of experience in materials physics that includes the growth and characterisation of thin films, semiconductors and magnetic materials, as well as the study of atomic collisions in solids and crystal defects, the microcopy centre has a large knowledge base that can be utilised for many materials/electron microscopy applications.

Please feel free to browse through our pages at your leisure, especially our galleries of our favourite images and don't hesitate to contact us whether it be to enquire about using one of our microscopes, to begin a possibel collaboration or maybe to contract someone in the centre to do some analytical work on you behalf please do so at


MIAMI - Microscope and Ion Accelerator for Materials Investigations

Following the award of EPSRC funding in 2006, the design and construction of an in-situ irradiation facility for the study of particle-solid interactions in nuclear materials and semiconductors began at the end of March 2007. Now called the MIAMI facility, it is now operational and can be seen here.