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People at SUMC

Listed below are staff, researchers and students that use the SUMC. After each post-docs and students name, the title of their main project is given. Please click on the names to find out more about each person.


Prof Steve E Donnelly

Prof Phil J Grundy

Dr Grenville A Jones

Dr Tiehan Shen

Visiting Staff

Prof Derek A Eastham

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Dr Phil D Edmondson - Nano-scale SEM-on-a-chip

Dr Simon J Greene - Nano-scale SEM-on-a-chip

Dr Jonathan A Hinks - In-Situ TEM Studies of Ion-Irradiated Materials


Kerry J Abrams - Voids in polycrystalline silicon

Paul Cook

Amy S Gandy

Graeme Greaves - TEM of FIB prepared samples of a simulated Earth interior.