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Simulation Packages

Within SUMC, two simulation packages are available that may be useful to both practical and theoretical electron microscopists - JEMS and Lorentz. JEMS is a transmission electron microscope image simulation package whilst Lorentz is a beam particle simulation package. More details on each package is given below.

TEM Image Simulation

JEMS (Java Electron Microscope Simulator) is an electron microscope simulation package developed by Pierre Stadlemann based around his earlier version of EMS. It is a complete software package for electron diffraction anaylsis and HREM image simulation in materials science. With the ability to solve using both multislice and Bloch wave analysis, the package can handle unit cells with small defects, or large cells with extended defects meaning JEMS is an excellent package to have available to users.

Electron Optic Simulation

Lorentz 3D-EM (available from Integrated Engineering Software) is a particle trajectory analysis package capable of simulating the trajectories of both electrons and ions through magnetic and electric fields in three dimensions meaning that this package can be used for multiple applicaions in trajectory analysis including electron microscopy, beam lines, ion mass spectrometers and much more. This package has been use within the Centre in the modelling of electrons in the nano-scale SEM-on-a-chip project with great success.